MAKING SPACE for people of color


Ever walked into a room and realized that you’re “the only one”? The feeling sort of just catches in the back of your throat, and you think to yourself, “here we go again,” as you pull your shoulders back, stand up just a tad bit taller, and walk… no strut, as if that room were created just for you.

Well now, it is. Welcome to The Margin.

We create visible spaces for our community to shine at conferences, festivals, and offices. By starting with the visible space, we advance the conversations around "empowerment, advancement, and sponsorship" from ideas to actions. We'll push the boundaries of what’s possible for us today, and more importantly for others tomorrow.





Lisa is our tuning fork. She was on the ground floor building the diversity and inclusion programs for Facebook and Pandora, was a pioneer in the body positive movement with her blog thickdumplingskin and she's razor sharp in identifying the subtle reasons why things are just NOT COOL with D&I efforts.




Sarah is our experiences mastermind. She co-founded TEDActive, founded Happily - the largest (and most diverse!) network of freelance event planners in the US, and started EXP - a retreat for the founders behind the world's most iconic experiences to share best practices.  She takes thoughtfulness to the next level when it comes to engaging community. 

janet ikpa.jpeg


Janet is our fire starter. Previously running diversity programs at Twitter and Hired, Janet now leads the diversity events strategy at Facebook. She partners cross-functionally with recruiters, employee networks, the diversity team and the business to design and execute the vision for high-touch, community events around the world.



Lisa and Sarah became friends when they met at Women 2.0 in 2012. The conference in Silicon Valley was Sarah’s first foray into the Bay from LA so she knew no one. She was a lost bird who Lisa found stranded from the nest and happily took her in because her mother taught her the golden rule: take in lost birds if they look lost because they might become your friends.

“Would you like to come to dinner with me and my friend Andy?...” Lisa asked Sarah.

*STRANGER DANGER* aka ‘HELLS NAH’ alarmed Sarah’s inner Asian mom until she heard the rest of the sentence: “...We are having ramen.”

That HELLS YES turned into a dinner into conversations into laughs into a meaningful relationship over the years until one day Lisa and Sarah met for noodles again, reminiscing over their star-crossed conference meeting.

So much had changed yet nothing had.

Lisa and Sarah had both risen in their careers and had now attended hundreds of conferences in those roles. Yet, they still didn’t see people that looked like them even least since 2012. The diverse communities weren’t represented in the speakers or attendees.

Where’s the space for us in the margin?

Join us. Let’s make space together.